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TravelFund Affilate Program

What Is It?

TravelFund is a free affiliate program we created to help our customers and travel bloggers make some extra money while traveling. 

Why We Created It?

Like many of you reading this, once upon a time we too quit our jobs, started a travel blog, and traveled around the world.

Unfortunately while traveling, the money would always run low and we would have to figure out how to keep going.

While selling eBooks on the blog or doing odd jobs was fine, we realized that there should be a way to capitalize on all the traffic coming through our blog, so we started doing affiliate marketing for the travel products we had already reviewed for our blog posts.

While at the time, it didn't make us a fortune, it made us enough to keep traveling (the only thing that mattered) and we didn't really have to do any additional work besides dropping in the link into our old posts.

How It Works?

To sign up for Travel Fund, simply sign up here.

Sign up takes 1 minute and once you have completed it, you will be given a personalized link.

You can share that link on social media, your blog, email, etc.

Anytime anyone makes a purchase using your link, you will receive 10%-25% of the purchase order (depending on the product).

So if someone uses your link to buy a $200 backpack, you would receive $20.

Say you have a popular blog and you reviewed one of our products, if 1 person everyday uses your link and make a purchase (say a $200 backpack), you could earn $7,300 cash in 1 year without doing any extra work!

Payouts are done every 5 days via PayPal and you use that cash anyway you want.

Who Is This Open To?

Anyone can join including customers, bloggers, shopping comparison engines, etc.


If you have any questions, just send us an email at